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E26 Bulb

E 26 Bulb

The term E26 Bulb refers to a light bulb’s cap or base- the bulb element that allows for both electrical and mechanical contact. The letter” E” in E26 refers to the Edison Screw, the most average of lamp bases, while the numerical” 26″ refers to its diameter in millimeters( some 1 inch). 

E26 Bulb does not refer to the bulb’s shape!

An E26 term only refers to its base or contact point with the lamp holder. A wide range of bulbs and lights can use an E26 base despite retaining different shapes and sizes. Below is a sample of an LED downlight that uses an E26″ plug” for its electrical connection. 

Is the E26 bulb a standard light bulb base?

The most common type of light bulb in the United States has what’s related a “ Medium ” base or “ Standard ” base. The word “ base ” is applied to the threaded part of the light bulb that screws into the socket. A Medium or Standard base light bulb is also related to an E26 base light bulb. 

E26 vs E27: What Is The Difference?

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The first light bulbs and their bases were developed by Thomas Edison. This is why the basis of screws in the lamp is called Edison Screws or ES base. These bases are still used in bulbs now.  

The E26 is the value cue size group for bulbs in North America. In Europe, it’s E27. The number following the letter E is the equator of the external fiber screw in mm. So, for an E26 bulb, the circuit of the base is 26 mm, while the E27 has a base equator of 27 mm. 

The European version, the E27, is rated at 240 volts. The E26 is rated at 120 volts. It’s easy to put an E26 bulb into an E27 socket. The same is right for an E27 bulb in an E26 socket. There will be no problem with this. still, though the bulbs can fit both types of sockets, the voltage standing is different from each other. 

Because of the essential incompatibility in the voltage, the glowing E26 bulb couldn’t be used in an E27 socket with 240 V AC. also for E27 bulbs in E26 sockets. 

What are the specifications of these bulbs?

E26 bulbs are some of the most common lamp types, meaning that chancing a suitable lamp holder or fixture is generally fairly direct. Also, installation is generally really straight and requires no tools or assembly. 

Edison Screw bases are some of the most secure ways to mount a bulb, due to the strength and hardness of the screw threads. This makes them particularly suitable for locales where vibrations may be present. also, a tight fit in the screw base ensures that dampness and debris are doubtful to enter the contact points, demoting the probability of electrical failures. 

Where do I buy E26 bulbs?

E26 bulbs are some of the most totally used lamp bases. still, in addition to the lamp base, still, it’s important to decide whether to buy an A-style lamp or a directional bulb. 

E26 bulbs are available for purchase at your original tackle or electronic appliance store, or directly from our website( see A19 lights or BR30 lights). 

E26 Bulb Standards and Dimensions

E26 norms are defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC) under usual 7004- 21A- 2. They specifically govern the exact range to which the E26 bulb bases should be manufactured. 

e26 bulb

T1: min 19.56 mm

T: min 19.56 mm

H: min 9.14 mm; max 11.56 mm

L: min 15.24 mm; max 17.01 mm

C: min 3.25 mm

r: 1.191 mm

d1: 24.72 mm

d: min 26.05 mm; max 26.41 mm

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